Department of Communication Studies Lampung University is one step away from officially conducted As an International Accredited Programme by FIBAA

Bandar Lampung – Department of Communication Studies Lampung University is one step away from officially conducted an International Programme Accreditation in accordance with the standard set by Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) for Bachelor Degree Programs in Communication on ZOOM application. It will be scheduled to occur for 3 consecutive days from 6 to 9 March in 2023.

The purpose of Communication Studies Department of Lampung University applying for international accreditation is aimed to raise the caliber of graduates so that they will be recognized on a global scale, which is also completely in line with the department’s and UNILA’s vision of becoming a reputable university in Asia by and large down the road. The international accreditation will mark its department’s educational quality that meets the international accreditation standards.

FIBAA is an international accreditation agency based in Germany which is registered with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology for quality assurance and development in higher education. This is a huge step of UNILA’s Communication Studies Department had taken to improve the quality of education and competitiveness globally in order to achieve optimal flourishing at university.

FIBAA’s objectives are heavily relevant to the further quality improvement for Department of Communication Studies in Lampung University which as listed below:

l. Its internationally recognised quality seal for Communication Studies study programme.

2. It gives extensive and elaborated assessment report to identify potential of UNILA’s Communication Studies Department that will go a long way towards establishing a name for the department in global scope.

3. FIBAA’s merit in assessing study programmes will serve a brighter future for the department and the graduates by reliable orientation on the outstanding quality of the degree programme..

4. It serves long-term international experience.

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