Lampung University Department of Communication Studies Organized A Webinar on Contemporary Communication Research Methodologies

Bandar Lampung – The Department of Communication Studies at Lampung University organized a webinar on Contemporary Communication Research Methodologies on Monday (15/08/2022). The activity was held online via ZOOM Meeting and participated by the Communications Studies Lecturers.

The activity, which aims to exchange insights and deepen knowledge, was presented by qualified resource persons from Gadjah Mada University and Lampung University itself.

Prof. Dr. phil Hermin Indah Wahyuni, SIP, M.Si. as a speaker from Gadjah Mada University shared and delivered her enlightenment towards some sort of challenges found in Contemporary Communication Research Methodology that need to be addressed so lecturers can encourage students to be more substantive and comprehensive in conducting research.

“If we are not strong in research, we die, and we cannot teach well. So the integration of Tri Dharma and research as the basis of teaching and service also research-based learning culture (becomes very important),” stated her.

In addition, Dr Nanang Trenggono, M.Si,. as one of the senior lecturers at the Lampung University Department of Communication Studies talked about the peculiarities of qualitative research and shared his experience in the field of how political communication research has an impact on political institutions.

He also responded that the problems found in the study of communication can be solved with shared thinking and collaboration.

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