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Peer Group

This field of study discusses the content, history, and effects of various media, especially mass media.

The learning outcomes for graduates of media studies peer groups are graduates who have the ability to master the concept of media text analysis, distinguish between facts and opinions in media content, and be able to evaluate the various impacts of media in social, political and economic contexts.

Members of the group are:

This field of study discusses various aspects of public relations, entrepreneurship, political communication, business communication, information technology management, and digital communication.

The learning outcomes will produce graduates with the character of professional managers, reliable practitioners, academics with integrity and digital technology-based creative entrepreneurs in a multicultural society.

Members of the group are:

This field of study discusses the use of language/speech in society, cultural communication of local communities, the influence of globalization in the development of communication, as well as social and cultural phenomena.

This Learning outcomes will produce graduates who have the character of managers, practitioners, academics in the field of cultural communication in multicultural societies.

Members of the group are:

This field of study discusses the concept of journalism, the production of various media content, and the ethics and regulations of both print, electronic and new media.

Learning outcomes will produce reliable media practitioners, both journalists, media entrepreneurs, and media analysts.

Members of the group are:

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