The Recognition of Outstanding Students Selection (PILMAPRES) in Department of Communication Studies in Lampung University

Bandar Lampung – Department of Communication Studies in Lampung University continues to move forward and work in synergy with the implementation of various academic and non-academic activities, one of which is Selection of Outstanding Students (PILMAPRES) under the auspices of Ministry of Research. The assessment process began with an assessment of the students’ GPAs, certificates, papers, and presentations.

Each stage provides the students with an opportunity for meaningful learning. This valuable engagement serves as a medium for all the students to test their competence in formulating, designing, and implementing ideas. Not only does this competition educate students, but they are also educated by their supervisors who transfer knowledge to them.

Additionally, this event also motivates students to continue improving their abilities within their fields of study. It encourages them to become vehicles which open horizons of knowledge and insights within various disciplines as one of the main goals of PILMAPRES is to appreciate the best students who are ready to become agents of change to build a better Indonesia.
This activity is routinely carried out every year and is attended by undergraduate and diploma students from all over Indonesia

The PILMAPRES participants from Department of Communication Studies in Lampung University are expected to the best delegates or representatives among other students within the faculty and have secured plenty of achievements. The achievements are not only seen from the cumulative achievement index but also achievements in writing scientific papers (information, ideas, and original thoughts are from the students), as well as other achievements, in addition to foreign language skills. Select few students who take part in PILMAPRES activities are those who dare to get out of their comfort zone and will become campus representatives by taking part in PILMAPRES. It is a positive small step towards shaping positive change in the future.

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